Butter Chicken Vegan Frozen 425g - Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher

Butter Chicken Vegan Frozen 425g - Suzy Spoons Vegetarian Butcher


Enjoy a vegan version of this much loved authentic North Indian classic.

Slow cooked Shredded Seitan 'chicken' in a carefully selected blend of mild aromatic spices. Then infuse it with organic coconut milk to create a creamy, silky, rich and full bodied butter chicken experience. Spoon's vegan butter chicken will become a household favourite for the whole family.

Cooking instructions- Pour contents of packet into a saucepan and heat on medium temperature for 10-15 minutes until piping hot. Serve with steaming basmati rice, nan bread and poppadom's. Can be heated in the microwave (first remove from packet). Can be heated in the oven.

Ingredients - Coconut milk 35% Sri Lanka, Shredded seitan Australia 59% Ingredients- Spoons Shredded Seitan (GLUTEN FLOUR (from Wheat), Miso (SOYBEANS, water, rice, salt), SOY sauce (Water, SOY BEANS, WHEAT, salt) WHEAT flour, Canola oil, Nutritional yeast, Yeast extract, Onion, Garlic, White pepper) Coconut milk (Coconut, water) Tomato, Paprika, Ginger, Turmeric, Coriander, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Sugar, Citric acid, Nutmeg, Cumin, Black pepper, Cardamom, Fennel, Salt, Cloves, Star anise, Curry Leaves, Spices.




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