Mouthwash Prebiotic Powder Rinse 35g - SLO

Mouthwash Prebiotic Powder Rinse 35g - SLO


Created by a dentist, this natural bio-balancing powder mouthwash formulation is a world first.

This natural mouthwash powder is a prebiotic blend of bio-minerals and active ingredients like Birch Xylitol which helps prevent bad breath, and may reduce the risk of dental decay.

70 Rinses. SLO tooth care is fluoride free.


Pure Birch Xylitol,
Calcium Glycerophosphate,
Magnesium Citrate,
Zinc Citrate,
Sodium Chlorite,
Sodium Bicarbonate,

Certified by PETA vegan & cruelty free. Made in New Zealand where testing on animals for cosmetics is banned. Plastic free. Plastic free, packaged in a compostable paper tube. SLO brand (formerly Aotearoad).

  • Certified FSC compostable cardboard (98.7%) & cornstarch film (1.3%)
  • 100% plant based ink
  • Vegan wax paper
  • Single retail packaging (no outer box)
  • Ocean Friendly


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