Laundry Liquid (Top Loader) 1L - Enviroclean

Laundry Liquid (Top Loader) 1L - Enviroclean


Formulated from hard working plant-based ingredients, our ultra-concentrated laundry liquid cleans effectively and economically, leaving your laundry beautifully fresh and clean. Suitable for Top loader machines only & perfect for hand washing, all water temperatures.

NO Synthetic Fragrance. NO Phosphates. NO Optical Brighteners. Grey Water Safe. 100% Vegan. No SLS/SLES. Palm Oil Free. Concentrated.

Dab directly onto stains before putting into the machine. Suitable for use in top load machines only. Can be used in all water temperatures and hard water. 1cap=30ml Hand wash: 15mls to 5 litres water Machine: 15mls to 50mls depending on the load size & soiling.

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