Incense Sticks - Ganesa

Incense Sticks - Ganesa


Ganesa Incense sticks are made with beautiful oils, stored inside a reusable container harvested from Water Hyacinth (a relative of the lotus flower and a pest in Northern Queensland)

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Amber This fragrance is a classic – rich and woody, with a honey-like sweetness 
Beltane Festive Frankincense and refreshing Cedarwood with a spritz of Orange. 
Black Rose Deeply sensual, symbol of love & self acceptance. 
Blue Moon A blend of special oils that have the ability to uplift the mind,taking it from a dark place, to a place of peace and light 
Burmese Moss Woody spicy temple incense. 
Buddhawood A native Australian essential oil that has a soothing bush fragrance with a note of licquorice 
Capri Spruce and ocean air, for a fresh clean start to the day. 
Citronella This is used extensively as an insect repellent, also a deodorant, clear out those wet doggie smells 
Darshan Uplifting and purifying. Based on classical Indian fragrances. To have Darshan is to perceive the divine. 
Desert Rose A rich full rose scent with a hint of the Australian bush 
Dragons Blood Courage, fortitude, strength of mind. A great aid to meet the challenges of the modern era.
Fire mountain Fabulous incense made from oils found around a meditation retreat at fire mountain near ganeshpuri India 
Frangipani Soft as morning light, romantic. 
Frankincense Frankincense is still used in religious ceremonies today, Roman Emperor Nero at his wifes funeral burned more Frankincense than Arabia could produce in a year. 
Green Dragon Clears negativity puts things in order, clears odours and mustiness 
Green tea Refreshing, purifying, clarity, start the day on a high note. 
Jasmine Sensual, heady, one of the aphrodisiacs. 
Krisna Meditation that you have been looking for. 
Lavender Fresh, relaxing, calmness, composure. 
Lemongrass Reviving, stimulating, gets things going. 
Lemon Myrtle The Australian tree endemic to subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland, the fragrance is softer than lemongrass, with a woody warmth 
Lotus Peace and clarity of thought, opens the heart, overcomes disapointment 
Misty Mountain Eases frustration, promotes focus. 
Mystic Used to deepen insight, solve that problem. 
Nag Champa Classic meditation blend of 172 oils. 
Noosa Sunrise Open the door to a new day, confidence. 
Patchouli A very heady incense made from pure patchouli oil, from the hippie days of peace and free love 
Persian Musk Healing, opens the heart, forgiveness. 
Samhane Autumnal Rose, Lavender and Patchouli 
Sandalwood Inner unity, serenity, clears negative energy 
Shiva A classic meditation blend, inducing peace and clarity, stillness and unity. 
Siberian Musk Lost in time, said to be a formula from a Russian Monk in search of self realisation. 
Sol Tonic Insprired by a long cool summer Gin and Tonic, Juniper with a sprig Rosemary and a twist of Tangerine
Tantra Mystical oils, used to enhance the creative force. 
Torquay sunrise very heady, deliciously light, a pleasure to burn, takes you back to the sand, sea, and surf
Tibet Sacred, exotic and expensive oils.
Vanilla Soothing for the heart and soul. 
Ylang Ylang Clears negative thoughts 

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