Hero Bar Chocolate & Orange Raw food Bar Organic - Eat for You

Hero Bar Chocolate & Orange Raw food Bar Organic - Eat for You


What's so good about the chocolate + orange hero bar?

It’s packed to the brim with raw, organic whole food ingredients.
Just ONE BAR provides ~30% of your daily dietary fibre and 100% of your selenium! Nutrient content is tested and updated each batch.
It’s clean, vegan and free of protein powders or fillers.
You’ll find no gluten, GMO’s or contaminants, as testing for these things is part of our promise to you.
Chocolate and orange are a nostalgic flavour combination, don’t you think? The birth of our hero story is just as awesome. The recipe for this range was conceived in 2020 (remember that year?) to help feed the people who kept turning up and protecting us; our emergency services and healthcare workers. Our real life heroes. We also gave hero to the homeless on the streets of Melbourne, because in our view, everyone deserves to eat nutritious food.

The hero range packs a huge punch when it comes to nutrients. Its fruit, nut and seed blend offers loads of iron, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium, as well as dietary fibre, protein and all the good fats.

We source our ingredients from organic farms around the world.
We don’t use protein powders or fillers. Instead, we use and honour whole foods providing nutrients as nature intended.
We batch test all of our products for pathogenic bacteria, toxins, and contaminants giving you peace of mind that our products are safe.
Our products are vegan friendly, have no added sugar and are gluten free (lab tested and confirmed).
We manufacture, package and test our food in Australia in a facility that does not handle wheat, gluten, eggs, fish/shellfish, lupin, peanut, dairy and cane sugar.
Our packaging is plastic free, home compostable and our entire company is carbon neutral.

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