Hemp Solid Shampoo Bar 100g - Quintessence Soaps

Hemp Solid Shampoo Bar 100g - Quintessence Soaps


Hemp Shampoo Bar - A delectable classic.
Super rich lather shampoo that keeps it’s integrity to the very end. No wasteful packaging and less than half the price of most natural shampoo bottles.

Quintessence Soaps are a Gourmet hand crafted soaps, made in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Feel the luxury of these delicious soaps. Pamper yourself to the max with creamy natural plant based oils, spices and herbs and all loaded with aromatic uplifting essential oils.

Quintessence soaps are made using the saponified oils of Olive, Coconut and Palm. Olive oil, the major ingredient brings nourishment, healing and moisture to the skin; Coconut oil moisturises and creates a luxurious lather; Palm oil gives the soap creaminess and hardness. No animal fats, no synthetic colours or fragrances, no petrochemicals.

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