English Breakfast Tea Organic 20 bags - Clipper

English Breakfast Tea Organic 20 bags - Clipper


Clipper is fiercely committed to being organic and anything new we make will be organic certified. Guided by their organic principles, they are committed to being GM-free and will only use ingredients from non-GM sources. They actively discourage the use of chemicals such as pesticides amongst thier growers, which they believe gives us better tea that’s better for the environment.

In 1994, Clipper became the UK’s first Fairtrade tea company. 25 years later, Clipper is the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand.


No Clipper products contain anything artificial. They never will. In 2018 they were the world’s first tea company to switch to Plant-Based, Biodegradable, non-GM and unbleached tea bags. They're also constantly working on ways to be greener, from production to packaging.

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