Cacao Tanning Mousse Dark 125ml - Eco Tan

Cacao Tanning Mousse Dark 125ml - Eco Tan


OFC Certified Organic. Nothing artificial or synthetic, no nasty chemicals. Organic cacao, coffee, ginger, grafefruit, mandarin and blood orange. AUSTRALIAN MADE – CERTIFIED ORGANIC – VEGAN – NATURAL – CHOOSE CRUELTY FREE –  CERTIFIED TOXIC FREE

Eco Tan’s self tanning mousse offers beautiful, long lasting colour for all skin tones. Whether you want a light, coffee complexion or a luxurious, deep bronze, the stunning colour will develop on your skin over time. This way, you can create your preferred depth of colour, based on how long you leave Cacao Tanning Mousse on prior to showering. Your tan will also continue to develop over time

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