Climate Action


The Organic & Natural Store is currently going through a Climate Action certification program with Eco Tourism Australia.

It is our commitment to be pro-active in the education of climate change and to further incorporate practices in our own business that lower carbon emissions.

Our store was originally an old corrugated iron shed. It has been retro-fitted, with recycled timber and plantation pine panelling. Insulated with ECO-batts, our store has many recycled features, such as recycled wooden doors and a locally handcrafted counter made from recycled timber rafters.

Bio-paints and lime washes were used to minimise the out-gasing of petrol-chemicals.


All food waste is composted on site, and used paper and cardboard is re-carbonising the soil in special carbon re-capture area. Plastic is minimised and fresh food is offered in bulk boxes.


Part of are electricity requirements are met by a 5kva solar system.

We were one of the first private businesses to sell biodiesel made from used cooking oil (B100).


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