Clear Your Energy

What is energy clearing?


We are constantly affected by the energy of people and our surroundings which can make us feel stressed and affect our day to day lives. The stress can remain long after people have left, sticking to our energy field like dust. Residual energy also lingers in spaces, sometimes for generations.

Clearing is a subtle way to balance these energies, working at a conscious and subconscious level. It helps to release and clear any stuck, stagnant and stressed energy, allowing it to flow with ease.

EVERYONE benefits from an energy clearing!   

Energy clearing also helps overcome old thought patterns and challenges. It clears the energetic ‘dust’ in your home or office, allowing fresh new energy to flow freely. It’s a bit like unkinking a hose, once the kink is gone the water runs freely again, as it is designed to do.

Energy clearing helps to bring balance back to you, your pets, your home, or your business or office space.

You don’t have to live near me to book in for a session or to receive an energy clearing, I clear for people all over the world using the internet and telephone!


For bookings and enquires please contact Susie at


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