Ayurvedic Health - Anu Thailam Oil for Sinus 10ml

Ayurvedic Health - Anu Thailam Oil for Sinus 10ml


Ayurvedic Formula - Anu Thailam Oil, to maintain cleansed open sinus’s.

The practice of nasya or oiling of the nasal passages is an excellent way
to clear unwanted mucous and bacteria from the head. Ayurveda teaches us that bacteria multiplies in our subtle channels including the sinuses, creating infectious mucous and congestion. This nasal oil contains 24 herbs which are cooked into the base sesame oil for 5 days, thus reducing particle size and increasing cellular absorption. A daily morning practice of nasya may clear the upper and lower respiratory tracts, also improving the sense organs of vision, hearing, taste and smell.

Apply Anu thailam Nose Oil daily into the nostrils beginning with one drop is far superior to the yogic process of netti because oil nurtures the mucus membranes of the sinus cavity, cleanses and inspires.

Anu thailam Nasal Oil does not have the side effects such as sinus infection if not properly executed, begin with one drop per day.

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